the Fellowship for Intentional Community Japan

Community's List (in Japanese order)

Atarashiki Mura (means "the New Village")

Japanese famous author, Saneatsu Mushanokoji(1885-1976)
founded it 1918. It is in Moroyama-town, Saitama-ken
with 23 people. They enjoy their agriculture, selling their
chicken eggs and their artistic life.
They have some museums and open it to visitors.

Ittoen(means "One Light Garden")
A big intentional community of sharing with their long history.
It was founded by Tenko Nishida in Yamashina-ku, Kyoto-fu 1904.
More than 200 members live their lives of no possession and
serving to others.

Kankan Mori(means "Kankan Forest")
It is the big cohousing in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo-to.
There are 28 private rooms for the residents and some public
space in their building. Non profit organization, Collective
Housing Co. planed and built it.
Now, it has more than 50 people aged from 0 year-old to 80s .
The residents founded their management company, CollectiveHouse Co..

Kono Hana Family(means "Tree Flower Family")
An intentional community of sharing near the highest mountain
of Japan, Mt. Fuji.
20 people started it in Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka-ken 1993.
Now, the members consisted of 31 adults and 13 children.
They enjoy their parmaculture and the sustainable life for earth.

Rainbow Family
It is a eco-village that started in 2009 beside Osaki Lake in the
mountains of Nagano where is the central part of Japan.
There are two members who are making organic rice and vegetables.
They have a meetin every day.
The things they think as important are sharing and making to grow
each other in the nature of the earth.
They have their guide tours for visitors.

Yamagishi Kai (means "Yamagishi Society")
Miyozo Yamagishi(1901-1961) and some farmers around him
established Yamagishi Kai 1953. It is the intentional community
with no possesion and sharing. They built many farms in Japan
from 1960's.
Now, there are 32 farms in Japan, and 6 in foreign countries includes
Switzerland, Germany, U.S. and Brazil.

FIC (the Fellowship for Intentional Community)
NOTE: FIC and FICJ are separate and have no formal relationship with one another.

This site is for the unity of communities in Japan.
I hope that communities will help and sustain each other.
To share peace, happiness, bitterness, sorrow and love.
A Helper of FICJ,
Yoshiaki Kimpara (AKA Papirow)